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Artistry Cats is a small cattery with siberian kittens for sale, located in the Millington Hills of Michigan.  Our Siberian Cats and Kittens are raised lovingly underfoot in our home with us and our dogs to produce exceptionally well-adjusted, socialized pets with loving, laid back personalities.  We often have siberian kittens for adoption.  Please call us to see if we have siberian kittens available.

We strive to continually produce kittens with wonderful personalities by breeding very selectively.  We strive to improve the Siberian breed by using the best quality cats that exemplify the standard and go beyond it, and to use the lowest allergen cats to ensure that our Siberian kittens may be placed in allergy homes.  We are always looking to find breeder stock that exemplifies the standard.

Our kittens go to loving homes where they will have lots of hugs, kisses, toys, playtime and someone to cuddle with.  This is very important to us.  We are committed to offering every single cat and kitten the attention and love they need in a clean and relaxed home atmosphere.  Kittens are raised as our own until they go to their new families.  We are available to help in any way we can, to ensure that our kittens and new families adjust to each other.

Siberians are wonderfully playful.  They love interacting with their family...their quiet mews and chirps when they call out if they can't find you and the excitement in their eyes when they do!  They are graceful, athletic cats.  They are great with children and other pets.


   Artistry Cats

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We strive for...a Loving Personality...Long Plumed Tails and Excellent Hefty Body Type...and Low FEL-d (the protein that people are allergic to).

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All our kittens come with a Health Guarantee, kitten shots and worming.  They are all placed on Revolution before they go home.

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